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Welcome To Hideaway Screens

Located in Ocala, FL, Michele’s Hideaway Screens has been an industry leader in exterior retractable screens, sliding screens, and electrical roll-up screens since its founding in 1999. Each product is custom made in the USA and comes with a factory warranty. 


What kinds of screens do you offer?

At Michele’s Hideaway Screens, we feature four ranges of movable screens for homeowners to choose from:

Electric Roll-Up Screens: The motorized Roll-Up Screen, or Power Screens, is a great option for larger spaces such as garages and lanais. These screens provide extra square footage for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors with increased privacy, additional shade, and fewer pests. The high-quality mesh or fabric on the electric motorized roll-up screen is very durable and customers can choose from a wide range of designs and color options to fit their home. 

Retractable Screens: The Retractable Screens from Michele’s Hideaway Screens can be installed on any entry door to your home. Unlike a traditional screen door, however, the retractable screen can slide away until you are ready to use it. With the retractable screen in place, you’ll be able to bring fresh air into your home, while also helping to keep your pets in and the bugs out. The retractable screen is available for both single doors and for double doors, and customers can select a color that most closely fits their own home. (Note: The screen is NOT designed as a barrier for pets or children.)

Four-Track Slider Screens: The Four-Track Slider screen system is a convenient alternative that makes it easy to utilize garage space for outdoor activities while still keeping the breeze in and the bugs away. Our panels come with either Top-Rollers or bottom rollers to meet your specific needs and desires. Each panel is outfitted with weather-stripping to seal with the other panels (also known as vents), so the pests stay out. The sturdy frame can be locked from the inside to provide further privacy.

Lifestyle Screens: The door-within-a-door Lifestyle Screen offers homeowners the unique option to enter and exit the screened space with ease by not having to lift or open the entire screen. The Lifestyle Screen door is spring-loaded with a comfortable balance, and it can be opened and closed as needed. Lifestyle Screen doors are a great option for screened garages where homeowners can maximize the full value of their screened space with the simplicity of moving in and out as desired.


Where can the screens be installed on my home?

We offer retractable screen systems that can be installed on your garage or golf cart bay, around your lanai, at your front, back, or utility door, and more! Get in touch if you’re interested in finding out more about the custom screen we can provide for your home.\


What areas do you service?

We provide screens for customers throughout North-Central and Central Florida. Communities include Ocala, The Villages®, Fruitland Park, Belleview, Lady Lake, Lake Wier, Oxford, Summerfield, Leesburg, Wildwood, Dunnellon, Citra, Oklawaha, Reddick, Silver Springs, Sparr, Beverly Hills, Hernando, Mount Dora, and more . To find out more and if we service your specific area, please call our office at 352-236-8869.


How do I get in touch?

We are available by phone (352-236-8869) and by email ( We also welcome you to a visit us at our showroom at 30 Almond Drive Run, Ocala, FL 34472, Monday-Friday from 9 AM to 4 PM.


What do the screens cost?

Our products are measured to fit your home, and our technicians will provide the measurements directly to the manufacturer to build a custom screen that is made for you. As a result, the prices will vary from product to product. If you would like a quote or are interested in finding out more, feel free to reach out to us TODAY at 352-236-8869 or


Can I install my own screen?

Because your product is custom built for your home, we also provide customized installation to ensure accurate placement. We cannot honor a warranty for most of our screen options if they have been installed by someone other than our specialized technicians. However, we are able to sell the Lifestyle screen for a self-install option.


What kind of warranty is available?

Factory warranties are specific to each manufacturer.


What form of payments do you accept?

We are happy to accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover, along with cash or a check. 


How sturdy is the screen mesh?

The screen mesh in the Michele’s Hideaway Screens products is a high durability mesh that resists tearing and impact while still allowing for comfortable airflow. Many of our products come in a range of options for the density of the weave, so homeowners can choose the screen material and design that works best for their space. Additionally, many of the mesh options come in a variety of colors for homeowners to select a screen that fits their home’s color palette. To find out more about the color options, call us at 352-236-8869.


What if my screen needs service?

If you have purchased your screen from Michele’s Hide-Away Screens please reach out to our office phone at 352-236-8869 to request a service appointment with one of our trained technicians.