About Us

About Us


Since its founding, Michele’s Hideaway Screens has been a family-owned business that services North-Central and Central Florida with high-quality, customized exterior screens that are made in the USA.

In 1999, the original founder of Michele’s Hideaway Screens was searching for an amazing business opportunity in Florida. He saw potential, and he knew that with the right product he could bring comfort and convenience to customers throughout the region.

This founder had a dream, and what is more, he knew he had a great idea: he had heard about a product that would be an amazing addition to homes in Florida. He reached out to his wife to ask for her support to share the idea with friends and neighbors. Despite her initial uncertainty about her own sales skills, she quickly got on board and realized just how incredible this opportunity would be.

And the rest is history! With Michele’s commitment to supporting the dream, the business continued to grow from its earliest days. These founders set out to share what they could about these amazing retractable screens, and they soon discovered just how excited people in Florida were about this product as well.

After all, the wide array of products that Michele’s Hideaway Screens can offer homeowners has enabled Floridians to open up their homes to refreshing breezes without inviting unwelcome pests. It has proven to be a perfect combination!

From the company’s start in November of 1999, Michele’s Hideaway Screens has continued its commitment to excellent customer service by providing homeowners with custom-built retractable screens that fit their homes and their needs. Our trained technicians understand how to make sure the product is carefully measured for the individual space so homeowners get the most from the breeze and the least from the bugs.

Michele’s Hideaway Screens is based out of Ocala, Florida, and remains a family-owned business that continues to build on the goals of the founders with an unyielding focus on excellence in product quality and customer service.

As a company, we know that our customers have options, and we’re honored to be an industry leader in retractable screens for garages, exterior doors, lanais, and more. We pride ourselves on making sure our customers receive the best that we have to offer, and we continue to set ourselves the challenge of bringing the finest in retractable exterior screens to homeowners in North-Central and Central Florida.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how we can fit a custom retractable screen to your home, call our office at 352-236-8869 or email us: info@mhasmail.com.