Garage Screens

Michele’s Hide-Away Screens offers three styles of garage screens to meet your needs and desires. We offer the ultimate in convenience and refined application through our Rainier electric motorized garage screen. If you are looking for a manual garage screen, we offer two styles through our Four Track Sliding Garage Screens or the innovative manual pull-down LifeStyle Garage Screen that offers a “door within a door” screen system.


Motorized Garage Screens

Our Motorized Electric Screens, often simply referred to as Power Screens, are the best in the industry. Manufactured by Rainier Industries, our Power Screens offer the utmost in Quality, Comfort, and Savings. Founded in 1896, Rainier has earned the reputation as an industry leader in the Power Screen market known for superior quality products. Each Power Screen is equipped with a Somfy motor and controller, the industry leader for tubular motors.

Each system is customized for your home and garage. With 16 colors to choose from for the housing and tracks, numerous screen fabric options, and a patented Side Retention System (SRS) for retaining your screen, we can customize your screen system to meet your specific needs and tastes. Rainier offers the lowest profile size for the housing in a rounded or square shape, which provides an aesthetically pleasing addition to your home.

In most cases, the garage Power Screen is installed under the header of your garage opening. In some instances, it may be advisable to mount the screen above the header on the exterior of the garage provided the architecture of the garage supports this type of installation. In either case, having the smallest aluminum housing on the market ensures a clean look and minimal space requirements.

A motorized screen on your garage provides the ultimate convenience to bring in fresh air to your garage with a push of a button, especially during the hot Florida summers, while keeping insects out.

If you like to work in your garage, but desire privacy and ventilation, then a motorized garage door screen may just be the answer for you.

The motorized Roll-Up Screen, or Power Screens, is a great option for larger spaces such as garages and lanais. These screens provide extra square footage for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors with increased privacy, additional shade, and fewer pests. The high-quality mesh or fabric on the electric motorized roll-up screen is very durable and customers can choose from a wide range of designs and color options to fit their home.

Four-Track Sliding Garage Screens

The Four-Track Sliding Garage screen provides homeowners an economical and convenient way to add ventilation and privacy to your garage. Made from aluminum, you do not have to worry about your frame and handles rusting out. With the optional top-hanging panels, you can eliminate your rollers from getting packed with dirt and debris. However, both our bottom and top-rollers are made from durable nylon and will last many years when properly taken care of. All panels come with heavy-duty aluminum locks instead of plastic,along with aluminum handles, and the panels have full-seal interlocks.

All systems are custom ordered to the specific size of your actual garage opening. Frames are available in white or bronze (dark brown) and there are three types of mesh available:

  • Charcoal Colored 1814 Fiberglass
  • Black or White SuperScreen, which is a vinyl-coated polyester offering superior durability while resisting damage from pets, tears, and punctures
  • Black or White Solar Screen to offer maximum sun protection


Call us today at 352-236-8869 to learn more about how a Four-Track Slider Screen system can help maximize the use of your garage and provide needed ventilation during the hot Florida weather.

In summary, the Four-Track Slider screen system is a convenient alternative that makes it easy to utilize garage space for outdoor activities while still keeping the breeze in and the bugs away. Our panels come with either top rollers or bottom rollers to meet your specific needs and desires. Each panel is outfitted with weather-stripping to seal with the other panels, also known as vents, so the pests stay out. The sturdy frame can be locked from the inside to provide further privacy.

LifeStyle Garage Screens

The door-within-a-door Lifestyle Screen offers homeowners the unique option to enter and exit the screened space with ease by not having to lift or open the entire screen. The Lifestyle Screen door is spring-loaded with a comfortable balance, and it can be opened and closed as needed. The track system is similar to your garage door track but separate. Lifestyle Screen doors are a great option for screened garages where homeowners can maximize the full value of their screened space with the simplicity of moving in and out as desired.

The Lifestyle Screen fits comfortably into the garage, without impacting the height or width of the garage opening. When homeowners want to use their garage space for extra square footage, the Lifestyle Screen can be pulled down easily, with the door-within-a-door offering simplicity of access. When homeowners are done enjoying that space, the screen can be pulled up quickly, and the garage door closed.

The affordable LIfestyle Screen is available in frame sizes from 6’6” to 10’ high and 6’ to 18’ width. There are three frame colors (white, sandstone, brown) to accommodate different tastes. The frame is 2” x2” constructed of architectural grade aluminum. We offer the Lifestyle Screen in black or white Super Screen (PVC coated). With these high-quality screen materials, homeowners can maximize airflow or privacy, including pet resistance, to fit their individual needs.

With Lifestyle Screen or any of our garage screen systems you can turn your garage into the ultimate workshop, play area, man-cave, home gym, arts & craft space, or whatever your lifestyle dictates.

Lanai Screens

With a touch of a button on your remote, motorized screens turn your lanai or patio into an outdoor oasis, providing privacy, shade, and energy savings both in summer and winter when a solar rated fabric is in place. You can essentially create an extension of your home that can be enjoyed regardless of the weather outside. Even if there is a screened enclosure around your pool or outdoor area, motorized lanai screens can provide additional comfort, protection and privacy for your home when utilizing your outdoor space.

Our motorized Lanai screens are made by Rainier Shade in the USA from heavy gauge aluminum to eliminate the worry of corrosion and rust. The housing and tracks are powder-coated to provide the best finish against the Florida sun and there are 16 colors to choose from, including a gloss or textured finish. Special order colors are also available at an additional charge. Maximum width on a single unit is 25 feet.

Fabric choices are based on each customer’s needs. Reduce glare and heat from the sun with any of our fabric options. Customers looking for a good balance of insect protection and airflow may choose a SuperScreen with a 55% rating. For maximum solar protection and increased privacy: 90%, 95%, 97%, or even higher rated solar fabrics are often chosen. These fabrics come in a variety of shades and colors and our sales team can help you customize your screen to meet your specific needs. If complete privacy is your desire, then a Sunbrella Awning fabric is another option as this will completely block the view.

As with our garage screens, Rainier power screens for your lanai are powered and controlled by Somfy motors and controllers, the industry leader in tubular motor technology.

Door Screens

The Retractable Screens from Michele’s Hideaway Screens can be installed on any entry door to your home. Unlike a traditional screen door, however, the retractable screen can slide away until you are ready to use it. With the retractable screen in place, you’ll be able to bring fresh air into your home, while also helping to keep your pets in and the bugs out. The retractable screen is available for both single doors and for double doors, and customers can select a color that most closely fits their own home.

Our retractable door offers fiberglass or durable Pet Mesh, also known as SuperScreen. SuperScreen is tear and puncture resistant due to its Vinyl-Coated Polyester. We also offer the innovative Pivot-Pro handle which allows for smooth and effortless operation of the screen.

Call us today at 352-236-8869 to learn how our Retractable Door Screen with smooth operation, high quality finish, and robust construction can help you Bring in the Breeze to your home.